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VENT-1003 Renaissance Vent Grille

VENT-1003 Renaissance Vent Grille

VENT-1002 Venetian Air Conditioner Heater Vent Grille

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All of our Vents are custom made to order. Maximum size is 4' x 8'
Many inserts to choose from to customize the frame
Each Vent cost is .49 cents per square inch, which includes insert moulding for frame.

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$35 minimum charge

Vents were developed for the Heating and Air conditions industry. Most standard HVAC vents are very boring and basic in their design and application. Pearlworks offers many decorative looks that not only inspire classic design but are also functional. They can be produced in most any size and are easily installed for a totally custom and unique look. Once the size is determined all vents have the option of using a beautiful carved detail that can be placed around the decorative center for a completely unique look. All vents are produced using a hardwood and resin hybrid combination. This combination is a perfect balance of classic detail that is both cosmetically beautiful but also functional. Our website has a large selection of concepts to help and see how these wonderful pieces can be used. .

• Made in the USA
• All resin parts are paintable and stainable
• Can be installed using all standard woodworking tools
• In stock parts ship in 2-4 business days
• For Exterior and Interior Use
• Pearlworks designs have the highest details in the industry
• Rot and termite proof
• More durable less expensive than machine carved wood
• Available in multiple flexes for any curves