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PANL-119 Interlocking Woven Resin Panel with Balls and Backing

PANL-129 Leaf Drawer Front Resin Panel

PANL-120 Plain Interlocking Woven Grile with Backing Resin Panel

14-3/4" Width x 14-3/4" Height x 5/16" Thickness
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Panels can be Interlocked for coverage of large areas. Panels offer unlimited design concepts that can be used for wall designs to ceilings and most importantly, cabinetry design. A very popular useage, is for back splashes. Serving cabinets and kitchens use back splashes as part of their design…..panels make a great alternative to using tile for a unique and different look. Pearlworks offers many concept drawings on line for free. Concept drawings are a great way to get ideas on how to use these wonderful and unique products.

• Made in the USA
• All resin parts are paintable and stainable
• Can be installed using all standard woodworking tools
• In stock parts ship in 2-4 business days
• For Exterior and Interior Use
• Pearlworks designs have the highest details in the industry
• Rot and termite proof
• More durable less expensive than machine carved wood
• Available in multiple flexes for any curves