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COLM-101 Series Twisted Rope Resin Column

COLM-104A Acanthus Leaf Fluted Resin Column

COLM-104A Acanthus Leaf Fluted Resin Column

COLM-102 Grape Vine Twisted Resin Column

4-1/2" Width x 4" Thickness x 9' Height
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Our columns are all designed with matching capitals and bases. All column assemblies are designed in the modular system for a perfect fit. The beauty of the modular system is its ability to custom fit and interchange each piece for that perfect look. If you don’t like the lion face capitol you can easily change to the acanthus leaf capitol…..only Pearlworks offers this feature. If you are looking for flat or round columns we have them. For ease of shopping we have put together a “QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE” in the column section that shows all of the available options and sizes for all capitols, columns, and bases.

• Made in the USA
• All resin parts are paintable and stainable
• Can be installed using all standard woodworking tools
• In stock parts ship in 2-4 business days
• For Exterior and Interior Use
• Pearlworks designs have the highest details in the industry
• Rot and termite proof
• More durable less expensive than machine carved wood
• Available in multiple flexes for any curves