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Shipping and Will Call Agreement

Our goal at Pearlworks is to assure that you receive your order complete and undamaged. Over the years we have experienced almost every conceivable shipping problem imaginable. We have listed a few guidelines to follow that will help, should you need to make any claims for damage or lost packages.

All ornamentation is sold to our customers F.O.B.; this stands for “freight on board”. This term simply means, we guarantee all parts from defects or damage based from our factory.

Since we sell our products internationally, our main challenge is shipping our ornamentation safely, as damage free as possible, to our customers whether they live locally or abroad.

Pearlworks has a very competent shipping department that carefully packages and prepares your shipment. For this service our customers pay a “Handling charge”.

Once Pearlworks has packaged, sealed and safely delivered your packages to the shipping company, our obligation to this order is complete.

Pearlworks is not in any way circumventing any responsibility but merely stating we cannot be held responsible for replacement of damaged parts incurred during transit for which we have no control. We will assist our customer if they need any help when dealing with shipping companies and will continue to do so in the future.


Please follow the listed suggestions; they are based on years of experience in dealing with shipping companies.

Step 1) When the shipper delivers your packages you will have to sign a release in order for you to obtain your delivery. Please, immediately inspect the outside of your packages very carefully, looking for any scrapes, smashed corners or edges, holes, ripped sides or any visible damage you can find. If you find damage to your boxes note this with the shipper immediately before the driver leaves. This will buy you time if the shipping company or you don’t have the time to open and check the damaged parts.

If at all possible, open all packages in front of shipper at the time of delivery. If damage is found make a detailed list and note this with the shipper. Do not throw away any of the packaging materials or the boxes. The shipping company wil need to inspect this before a claim can be processed.

Step 2) Make your claim fordamage immediately with the shipping company; do not wait. The longer you wait, the longer it will take for the shipping company to reimburse you for your claim. (Pearlworks is not responsible to replace any part damaged during transit).

Step 3) If you sign your release form with the condition “subject to inspection”, this means nothing to the shipping company. You need to inspect for damage if possible at the time of delivery. If all of these steps are followed, the shipper will approve your claim for damage. Once we have approval from the shipping company on your claim, we will immediately ship all replacement parts. If your claim is denied because you forgot or did not follow the listed guidelines, you have eliminated our ability to help you. All replacement parts for damage denied by the shipper will have to be reordered and paid by the customer.

UPS 1-800-377-4877

UPS and FEDEX have a limit on the weight and size of each package. Anything larger must be shipped by common carrier.



All long mouldings are packaged in custom-built boxes that are 15’ long. All mouldings are surrounded by extended spray foam. The handling charge for all orders is 5%.

All other parts are packaged in standard size boxes. The Minimum handling charge for orders under $100.00 is $5.00 plus shipping.

Once orders are completed, customer has 2 weeks to ship or pick up orders. All orders over 2 weeks old will be charged a $15.00 holding and storage fee per week. Shipping cost is determined per shipment, by package weight and distance to ship. If you would prefer to use your own carrier, or require NEXT DAY, 2ND DAY, 3RD DAY or would like to WIL CALL your order, please notify us as early as possible.

Canadian orders are subject to custom/broker charges please check with your local UPS or custom broker. Any and all duty and tax charges are based on weight and value of the shipped product and are the consignee’s responsibility to pay before any product can be released.

25% surcharge for same day shipping, “not all orders can be processed in one day”.

It is you responsibility to follow the above instructions. Please follow them in detail. If any of the above suggestions are not followed, our ability to help will be severely limited.

If you choose not to wait for the damage claim to clear before you order replacement parts, let us know. Replacement orders are give priority. All replacement orders will be treated as “NEW ORDER”, all standard procedures and approvals will apply.

If you have any questions or any of the above information, please call Pearlworks immediately for clarification.