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EM-MOC02X02CR - Outside Corner for Moulding MLD02X02X04CR

EM-MOC02X02DU - Outside Corner for Moulding MLD02X02X03DU

EM-MOC02X02DE - Outside Corner for Moulding MLD02X02X03DE

2 3/4" P x 2 3/4" H Outside Corner for Moulding MLD02X02X03DE
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Crown moulding adds a beautiful finish to elegant rooms. To get this look you would simply hire a professional to figure out and install all of the complicated miter cuts. This made the cost of crown moulding more expensive as this method can be labor intesive. Not anymore. Our moulded inside and outside corners make installation a breeze. Say goodbye to miters with our DIY corners and couplers.

Install crown moulding in minutes not days
Matches beautifully to the moulding profile
Install crown without a single miter cut
The best choice for installing crown moulding
Can be glued or nailed
Factory primed and ready for your paint


2 3/4"P x 2 3/4"H Outside Corner for Moulding MLD02X02X03DE