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Pearlworks is The Leader in Architectural Details

Welcome to the World of Pearlworks

Our designs have been inspired by great architecture from around the world. Pearlworks is the only manufacturer of Hybrid Architectural Molding on the market today. This innovative process combines Hardwood and resin castings together creating a unique moulding with twice the detail at HALF THE PRICE of machine wood carvings.

All our hardwood mouldings are made using this hybrid manufacturing process. They are also available in a flexible material for all your radius needs.

All our parts have the wood graining impregnated in the parts so they are all paintable and stainable. When it comes to finishing your project, any water, oil base stain or paint can be used.

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Looking for Inspiration?

Our extensive portfolio of client examples, feature a wide range of capabilities where the only limit is your imagination!

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Our team of experienced designers will work with you to understand your vision
and create a design plan that fits your unique style and budget.

Our team of designers provide you with:

• Finished CAD Conceptual Drawing.
• Comprehensive Parts List
• Pricing Information
• Free Installation Consulting

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